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End of conflict - Fry or not ?!

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

One of the things we love about cooking is the smell of stews that fills the house and makes it pleasant in the stomach and in the heart even before we even took one bite. if there's anything we really don't like about cooking, it's the smell. frying mainly, with all the burnt smoke and the oil fumes that fill the house and stick to the clothes. That's why we think twice before we fry, roast fish in a pan or make kebabs and meat on fire.

This culinary distress now has a very cool technological solution

a series of deep casting pans, first of its kind named Smokeless, patented - for cooking and frying without smell and smoke. Thanks to a unique mechanism, when the pan is covered with a special cover that creates a hermetically sealed closure, the smoke created at the time of cooking is sucked into a ditch that leads the steam and smoke to the center of the flame at the bottom of the pan. There they are waiting for them to open an exit directly to the fire, which burns them and leaves no trace. So if you're sorry you didn't put the stove next to a window or didn't buy a steam pick.The Smokeless series consists of 3 deep frying pans: a seamless skillet, a grill-frying pan and an oval grill, which is particularly suitable for fish-makin. All pans are suitable for all types of roasting, evaporation and roasting on a gas stove.

The frying pan was sent for testing with journalists and bloggers in the cooking field, and this is what they wrote about it: "I got suspicion of the new patent--a Smokeless skillet, and I was admiring her performance." "It works!" Also, "the smoke went straight towards the fire, so it was not felt--and my surprise also did not cause dirt on the stove." Another criticism : "The Pan stood all promises: frying with a beautiful slave oil, and most importantly – the smoke and the smells of cooking were imprisoned inside and not filled the house." In short, a great skillet

All of the pans in the series are particularly strong in ultra-stick and ergonomic handles that are not warming, they have high abrasion resistance and can also be used as regular pans, but super-quality, even if you decide not to cover them with the unique cover. The magical pans are also durable and easy to clean.

Power Smokeless Grill with Tempered Glass Lid

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