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Familiar with that sinking, anxiety-inducing feeling of losing a wallet ?? No More !

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

It is no secret that the majority of people are familiar with that sinking, anxiety-inducing feeling of losing a wallet, especially when it holds credit cards, crucial documents and a decent sum of money. in the 21st century, we should know better than to leave this depressingly common problem without a solution. This is where the concept of Volterman was born – a wallet that would be too smart to be lost.

Volterman prototype was brought into existence. Not only did it include crucial features to enable successful tracking, but also extra features to make users’ lives easier and more comfortable, such as a Wifi hotspot and a charge bank for mobile phones. Volterman became the optimal solution to lost wallets, with its carefully crafted features making it almost impossible for the wallet to be misplaced, stolen or even randomly dropped.

The concept of Volterman is simple, yet revolutionary; a smart wallet that can be tracked, located and returned to its rightful owner via features like worldwide GPS tracking, a thief detection camera and a distance alarm. The wallet also operates as a global WiFi hotspot and includes a built-in power bank; transforming an everyday object into a useful tool which can charge your phone as well as help you find it (additionally providing you with internet). Alongside all of these features, the wallet also looks good; made from premium-quality leather with good stitching that makes it just as fashionable as it is durable.

If you prefer to keep your cards and cash together in one safe place, then consider going for the Volterman Bifold model; still slim, still lightweight, but can store several cards and cash. Slightly larger than the Cardholder, this model can store more whilst also providing you with a power bank and Wifi connection. Simply arrange your cards and money, pop the Bifold in your pocket and you are good to go. As with all Volterman wallets, this model is impact resistant, RFID protected, waterproof and made from the highest quality of leather. The Bifold has 6 pockets for cards and 2 inner pockets.

Built-In Powerbank to fully charge your smartphone both wired and wirelessly. Extremely lightweight and thin.

Track your smart wallet globally, everywhere in real time.

Global WIFI Hotspot ensures you have an internet, wherever you travel.

The internet costs with Volterman is up to three times cheaper than the regular roaming prices.

Thief Detector Camera takes a photo of the person who opens your smart wallet when it’s in lost mode. Bluetooth Alarm System doesn’t only notify you every time you leave your wallet behind, it sends alarm signals when you leave your phone behind as well.

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